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Plasma Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

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Forget traditional skin-lifting surgery with Lash On Wax Off's non-invasive lifting procedure! 
Eyes, mouth, crows feet, forehead, neck, hands and tummy.. Wherever your loose skin lives, we can tackle it!

Plasma Skin Treatment            VS            Plastic Surgery Treatment


The cost is 10 times cheaper than plastic surgery.

Replaces the need for Botox & Filler at a fraction of the cost. 

Non-Invasive = No downtime 

Procedure -- Lasts 30-60 minutes depending on area and size. Then you cna go home

Prep -- Dont have to come in on an empty stomach

After -- Heals 10 times quicker (5-7 Days)

Results -- Immediate results seen within 2 weeks. Long term 2-5 years (Just like plastic surgery)

Complications - It's a light cosmetic procedure that has little to no complications


Plastic Surgery:

Invasive surgery that requires anesthesia

1 treatment of botox/filler is similar in cost to 1 treatment of Plasma Lift. But botox and filler only last 3-6 months while plasma lasts 2-5 years.

Costs way more than non-surgical procedures

Procedure -- Lasts 2-3 hours

Prep -- No eating or drinking 24hrs prior. Must have an empty stomach

After -- Involves swelling, bruising, bleeding, loss of sensation (nerve numbness) & can takes months to fully recover

Results -- Immediate results seen in 1.5 months (feeling and sensation returns after 4 months) Last 2-5 years depending on skin condition and regeneration 

Complications -- Bleeding, anesthesia, swelling, asymmetry, scarring, stitches, Prescription Meds.

Plasma Skin Tightening: Welcome


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After treatment you will get tiny crusts on the surface of your skin. Do not pick them – they will fall off naturally in a matter of days. Keep these crusts moist by applying the provided aftercare 3 times per day to help with any itching tendency and to expedite the healing process. Avoid blasting the area directly in the shower until dots have flaked off. 
Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen!!!

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I will provide you with all the aftercare advice and instructions you need. If you ignore them you may compromise the results you paid for and expect. Most aftercare advice is basic common sense so don’t have a treatment and then go to a sunbed or a sauna the next day! Don’t use exfoliating products! Don't pick off crusts! Be sure to use SP50 on freshly rejuvenated skin. This is something that should be done even without treatment ;)

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You will receive treatment from a highly trained technician using the best device and will receive my full, professional support before, during and after your procedure. I am also on hand if you need any help. However, we are not in control of what you do when you walk out of the door after a treatment so please take care of yourself and follow all our best practice advice!

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